dstelecom succeeds in establishing agreement with operators for a new expansion of 1,2M homes

In 2018, the dst group began innovatively developing the idea of a Portuguese carrier’s carrier which materialized in dstelecom, the leading wholesaler of an open access fibra optic network in Portugal- a concept in which more than 150 million euros have been invested in creating infrastructures. Subsequently, a partnership was signed with the Cube Infrastructure Fund II (“Cube”), continuing the Investment Program that embodied the second phase of development of its broadband network. The expansion will continue to integrate state-of-the-art technologies to accommodate the shared access of all of the country's telecom operators that are already using the existing network.

The agreement with Vodafone and NOS will allow dstelecom to achieve the third phase of developing its broadband network in areas of low population density which will continue to be operated transparently and open to all operators sharing same principles of sustainability and cooperation.

José Teixeira, president of the dst group, highlights the importance of this agreement: “We will continue without sparing efforts to fulfill the mission we started ten years ago: eliminating geographical barriers to enable all Portuguese to interact with the new digital world through the most advanced communications networks. This is another decisive step in this project of developing independently and transparently operated open and shared open communication networks. ”