CEO message

Welcome to dstelecom, the carrier of reference in fiber optic networks operating in the interior of the country.

At dstelecom we have the privilege of working in a highly technological sector, which is building a more connected, transparent and opportunistic benchmark, now available in the country’s most remote areas.

Accordingly, we proudly contribute to reducing historical regional asymmetries, overcoming unassailable geographical barriers and enabling everyone to have access to this new digital world.

Yet dstelecom’s innovation is not limited to geographic areas where our technology is deployed. We have created an innovative business model guaranteeing network access to all operators in an equidistant, technologically neutral and transparent way throughout all stages of the process. To do this, we build and operate a very extensive fiber network, with more sustainable equipment, adapted to a purpose and in a different environment from those of the most densely populated areas.

We were not only able to innovate in the geographical areas that the business model and technologies are used, but also to create a different way of working - combine this sector's ambition with a culture of unwavering resilience in overcoming numerous challenges faced in our journey. It was this spirit that allowed us to convince ALL telecommunications operators to use our infrastructure in a shared way, eliminating taboos that are deeply rooted in the sector and developing a relationship of trust that is today our main asset.

We feel, for all these reasons, that dstelecom has already gained its own place in the telecommunications market. We also realize that we are only at the beginning of our journey and that the path we have travelled is too short to relax our ambition. We believe that the quality of the services we provide, our culture of overcoming barriers, unwavering commitment and our everlasting ambition will enable us to anticipate challenges, create opportunities and find the right paths to reach new levels of performance and continue to bring new and remarkable contributions to this sector.

We will spare no effort in the near future to fulfil this goal, with a deep respect for the values that have so far governed our course. And in this way, we continue to be proud of not only our results, but mainly our contribution to propagating this unstoppable wave of social and economic modernization, through telecommunications, in the territories we serve.