Innovation: AEROS and K2D highlight dstelecom at MIT Portugal's annual conference

This Friday, September 22nd, dstelecom will be on the panel at the MIT Portugal Program Annual Conference, an annual conference that brings together Portuguese researchers and researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), industry...

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ESG: dstelecom sets decarbonization goals and joins the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)

Aware of the current global climate crisis, dstelecom has just joined Science Based Targets, a joint initiative of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the United Nations Global Compact, the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Wide Fund for...

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International Gamer Day: when optical fiber is the difference between a “game over” and a “game on”

“Gaming in Portugal has evolved in a frankly positive way, especially in the last five years”, recently revealed Pedro Honório da Silva, president of the Portuguese Federation of Electronic Sports, to Jornal Económico. For fun or business, online gam...

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Analog channels have their days numbered. Know what will change in your life

The process of discontinuing analogue channels is old. It has been done gradually and progressively and covered more and more geographies. Currently, it is in an advanced state and has impacted several consumers. According to ANACOM, the regulatory a...

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Mobile network: 3G starts to be turned off this year

Third-generation mobile technology is about to end. Similar to what is happening internationally, Portuguese operators have already started to pronounce on the plans to close their 3G networks. A measure that arises in response to technological evolu...

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ESG: dstelecom adheres to the Carta de Princípios of BSCD Portugal and joins Jornada 2030

dstelecom has just adhered to the Carta de Princípios of BCSD Portugal, a document with a voluntary reference that aims to establish guidelines for companies that seek to operate responsibly in the country. The objective is to reinforce the commitmen...

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World Social Media Day: cybersecurity tips

Social media are today a widely used tool, both on a personal basis, allowing us to keep our friends and family up to date on what we are doing, from a distance and without the need to exchange messages, or for business purposes. Platforms such as Tw...

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Innovation: dstelecom continues to invest in edge computing and smart cables projects

At the end of this month, dstelecom marks the end of public funding for two innovation projects, Netedge and K2D, and the start of its own investment in them. With a duration of almost 3 years, they resulted in several advances in the areas of edge c...

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Impact of optical fiber in National Tourism

At the moment, dstelecom's fiber optic network already reaches more than 130 municipalities in mainland Portugal. We are aware of the impact that this structure has on the lives of the Portuguese and, therefore, we have been expanding the number of f...

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World Telecommunications Day: importance of service in a war scenario

We were still recovering from a pandemic when, on February 24, 2022, the European continent was ravaged by war. About a year and three months after its inception, the importance of telecommunications in a crisis scenario was more than proven. We have...

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dstelecom: 15 years of history

Last April, dstelecom celebrated 15 years of history. It has been connecting the Portuguese to the digital world for more than a decade and a half, thus contributing to reducing inequalities and equalizing opportunities, from north to south and from ...

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Sustainability: dstelecom implements modeling joint to reduce waste from installations

dstelecom has just implemented a modular joint that promises to bring more practicality and sustainability to the telecommunications market. The INFINITY joint, developed in partnership with Yelco, will respond to a technical need for dstelecom and, ...

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dstelecom - a fiber optic network, all operators.

At dstelecom we build and manage Europe's first neutral and open fiber optic network. As a result of our versatile and flexible nature, we currently have the main retail operators in Portugal as our customers, who can, in this way, make their entire ...

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ID Talks | 3rd edition

At dstelecom, democratizing innovation is a priority. We believe that all workers can make important contributions to our development and, therefore, we seek to give everyone a voice, without exception. It was for this purpose that, this morning, we ...

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ESG: sustainability as a strong pillar of the corporate universe

Sustainability has never been so central to the corporate debate. At the same time that companies are starting to prioritize more environmentally friendly practices, consumers are also increasingly concerned about the habits they can adopt to reduce ...

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8 advantages of fiber optics for your everyday life

Is your home internet slow? Having trouble watching a movie without interruptions? Does making a quality video call seem like an impossible task? Imagine how much you could benefit if you switched from your current service to a state-of-the-art one! ...

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2022: Number of TV subscribers with optical fiber grows 10.4%

The number of Portuguese accessing television via fiber optic technology in Portugal grew by 10.4% compared to 2021. This was the conclusion reached by a study recently released by ANACOM, the national regulatory authority for postal and electronic c...

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Innovation: dstelecom highlighted at MIT Portugal Follow Up Meeting

Yesterday, another edition of the MIT Portugal Follow Up Meeting, the follow-up forum for the MIT Portugal Flagship Projects, took place. In addition to the presentation of two innovation projects with dstelecom signature, the meeting was held, for t...

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