Why dstelecom

dstelecom is a different company, in a phase of accelerated growth and operating in a sector with enormous potential.

It's a different company because of the relaxed, collaborative workplace in which team members contribute with their views and participate in decision making. Being a company which exists for less than a decade, it has modern processes, management tools and an equally young team, whose average age is lower than other operators.

Being a company with continually rapid growth, double-digit increases in all relevant business variables, it offers employees opportunities for professional development, job rotation and challenging projects in new business areas. To accommodate this growth, dstelecom has developed its own culture of flexibility and transparency, based on strong values adjustable to permanent changes the sector entails.

Finally, dstelecom operates in a dynamic and transformational sector, where innovation is a permanent challenge. Therefore, in addition to job functions, employees have the opportunity to participate in transversal innovation projects that help broaden our horizons as a company and individually with each team member.