dstelecom is a human-centered company. We've added "an empathy lens" to our strategy to help understand people's wants and needs," specifically those who experience and create our services.

We are building our purpose around the betterment of society. Improving our communities.

ESG is closely related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as it concerns key business practices for the sustainable development of the organization as part of society. And we, at dstelecom, are committed to contributing to this purpose.


General objectives

  • Ensure reliable connectivity and access to communications to support your activities and services
  • Channel resources and donations to organizations that work in support of social causes
  • Have a more active role in the neediest society
  • Encourage workers to get involved in volunteering activities in various institutions
  • Combating the economic crisis
  • Convey confidence and concern about workers
  • Seek internationally recognized certifications that attest to the company's social responsibility
  • Demonstrate commitment to adopting sustainable, ethical and socially responsible practices in all areas of activity
  • Attract and retain young talent



  • Implement measures and practices that reduce health risks and promote general well-being
  • Offer free access to medical and dental appointments
  • Provide a health card with discounts for health-related services
  • Ensuring driver safety
  • Reduce the risk of traffic accidents
  • Prevent fatigue and overwork
  • Promote awareness of neuroscience and mental health
  • Providing training and workshops aimed at improving the mental well-being of workers
  • Create a healthy and balanced work environment
  • Promote awareness of neuroscience and mental health



  • Providing training and workshops aimed at improving the mental well-being of workers
  • Offer learning and development opportunities to workers
  • Invest in training workers
  • Improve workers' skills, knowledge and competencies
  • Promote continuous learning and skill development



  • Promote equal opportunities and diversity within the company
  • Implement inclusive policies and practices that value the contribution of all people, regardless of individual characteristics
  • Contribute to the development of people with difficulties
  • Framing people with difficulties in the job market
  • Promoting the country's equitable development



  • Promoting equal access to education, especially during teleescola
  • Provide technology resources for children who don't have access to appropriate devices
  • Provide telecommunications services to solidarity institutions
  • Support social institutions
  • Ensuring that essential telecommunications services are delivered safely and reliably in critical locations such as hospitals and health centers
  • Bring state-of-the-art communications infrastructure to disadvantaged rural areas
  • Provide economic and professional growth opportunities for the local population
  • Offer professional development programs, partnerships with universities and the creation of challenges and growth opportunities for students



  • Support the "Refood" organization
  • Participate in the fight against food waste
  • Help distribute meals to vulnerable people
  • Contribute to food security and waste reduction
  • Collaborate in the fight against hunger
  • Promoting contact with nature and healthy eating
  • Encourage workers by encouraging them to use the community garden to grow food