dstelecom's Vision of Innovation

Connecting the unexplored: innovation and neutrality in telecommunications

At dstelecom, we are committed to developing, in a sustainable way, open communications networks and systems and revolutionizing connectivity in low population density areas. Our focus is to connect not only people - whether families or professionals - but also companies and a variety of devices and 'things', creating a web of connectivity that transcends physical barriers.

Our objective is audacious: we want to be the driving force in mitigating disparities and asymmetries between densely populated urban areas and regions with less population density. Through our infrastructures, services and innovative approaches, we aspire to be recognized not just as a telecommunications operator, but as an agent of technological and social transformation.

This vision is not just limited to expanding coverage or improving infrastructure; it encompasses a deep commitment to the sustainable development of the communities we serve. By connecting less populated areas, we are not just establishing telecommunications networks - we are building bridges to opportunity, fostering digital inclusion and driving socio-economic progress.

At dstelecom, innovation therefore goes far beyond technology. It represents our dedication to being the technological reference that most contributes to the integral development of low population density areas, promoting a future where connectivity is a universal right, accessible to everyone, regardless of their geographic location.


Pillars of the Vision of Innovation:

1. Digital inclusion and universal access:

  • Develop and implement technologies that overcome the challenges of less populated areas;
  • Ensure accessibility and economic viability, making telecommunications services available to everyone.

2. Neutrality and multioperability:

  • Maintain neutrality as a multi-operator operator, ensuring that all services and customers are treated equally;
  • Provide a platform where different operators can offer their services in an easy and transparent way.

3. Innovation in technology and services:

  • Invest in research and development to continually improve our technology and the infrastructures in which we intend to provide services;
  • Innovate in the way services are made available, including personalized and adaptive solutions that meet the specific needs of low population density communities.

4. Sustainability and social responsibility:

  • Integrate sustainable practices in the development and maintenance of our infrastructure;
  • Contribute to the social and economic development of the communities served, promoting digital inclusion as a path to progress.


dstelecom's Innovation Policy

dstelecom recognizes that the sustainability of its business is intrinsically linked to its ability to enhance the perceived value of its products, processes and services by its customers, workers, shareholders, partners and society in general. Our Vision is to be a leading innovative company in anticipating and satisfying stakeholder expectations, developing and continually improving innovative, differentiated and personalized solutions.


Strategic objectives

  • Reinforce the perception of value of our products and services;
  • Anticipate and meet stakeholder expectations through continuous innovation;
  • Act on three strategic fronts: land, sea and space, with a global presence;
  • Maintain and expand our competitive advantage through strong activity in Research, Development and Innovation (RDI).


Commitment to research and innovation

  • Invest in the production and management of knowledge, interfaces and creativity;
  • Implement an Innovation Management System aligned with NP 4457: 2021;
  • Ensure the satisfaction of stakeholders' needs, providing innovative products and services.


Key actions

  1. Response to stakeholders' needs: seek innovative solutions to emerging needs, valuing the transfer of socially and economically useful knowledge;
  2. Openness to the outside: interact with scientific and technological knowledge, the market and society, ensuring effective planning and execution of RDI projects;
  3. Clear strategy and values: define strategic guidelines, organizational values and scope of action to ensure effectiveness in processes;
  4. Culture of innovation: foster innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, encouraging the generation of ideas and strategically evaluating associated opportunities;
  5. Continuous improvement: constantly improve the effectiveness of the Innovation Management System, complying with applicable national and international requirements.

Through this policy, dstelecom is committed to being a cutting-edge company in the telecommunications sector, not only meeting current needs, but also anticipating future trends and contributing to sustainable and inclusive development at a global level.

This enhanced version of the Innovation Policy highlights dstelecom's commitment to sustainable innovation and continuous improvement, aligning its practices with stakeholder needs and global industry trends.


dstelecom's RDI strategy

dstelecom adopts an innovation strategy that aligns with our global strategy, vision and mission, focusing on growth in different territories - land, sea and space - in any region on the planet. To achieve this ambitious goal, we defined three strategic pillars that address different aspects of our business.


Pillar 1: Core business model

  • Technological innovation: intensify the development and application of emerging technologies to improve the quality of service to customers;
  • Digitalization of processes: implement digital transformation to optimize management, execution of activities and increase productivity and operational efficiency.

Pillar 2: Business model export

  • Neutral hosting for mobile networks: develop an innovative neutral hosting model, allowing efficient collaboration between different operators;
  • Aerospace infrastructure: invest in the creation of aerospace infrastructure to expand connectivity to IoT devices in remote áreas;
  • Technology for sensorized submarine cables: promote research and innovation in technology for submarine cables, increasing the capacity and efficiency of data transmission;
  • Advanced data centers: focus on the development of data centers with edge computing and cloud capabilities to manage the exponential growth in data traffic.

Pillar 3: Environment and prosperity of the planet

  • Energy efficiency: prioritize energy efficiency to minimize consumption on the network and in operations;
  • Sustainability and circular economy: develop processes, products and services that promote sustainability, circular economy and waste reduction.


Commitment and action

This RDI strategy represents our commitment not only to technological advancement, but also to environmental responsibility and sustainability. dstelecom is dedicated to being a leader in the telecommunications industry, employing innovations that benefit both our stakeholders and the planet.

Incorporating these improvements into dstelecom's RDI strategy helps highlight the company's commitment to technological innovation and sustainability, reinforcing its position as an innovative leader in the telecommunications sector.