We are recruiting a leader for an ambitious investigation plan

The Proef-dstelecom/IB-S Chair is promoted by the Proef group ( and dstelecom ( and the Institute for Science and Innovation for Bio-Sustainability (IB-S), and will be based at the University of Minho, in Guimarães...

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German HSH finances Portuguese DSTelecom with 50 million

DTS's telecommunications "branch", which has already invested 120 million euros in infrastructure for fibre optic network coverage in Portugal, signed a 50 million financing agreement with the German bank HSH Nordbank. Objective: cover more than 500 ...

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dstelecom promoted another innovative session at Museu Nogueira da Silva

dstelecom promoted another innovative session at Museu Nogueira da Silva, titled "NXT: Driving dstelecom to the next level", with the purpose of aligning ambition and anticipating the future.   In the first half, dstelecom proposed improving its stra...

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Luxembourg fund Cube enters DST Telecommunications to reach 500 thousand homes

Cube Infrastructure Managers will become a shareholder of DST Telecomunicações, which will be jointly controlled with the DST group. Objective: to invest another 50 million euros in the country's fiber optic coverage, to reach 500 thousand homes with...

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Democratizing new technology

Aims to have all the telecommunication operators in Portugal as clients, while anticipating trends and offering services with less cost. A carrier’s carrier, that is, a kind of wholesaler for fiber optics. dstelecom provides its fiber infrastructure ...

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dstelecom distinguished as the European operator which best contributed to optical fiber reinforcement

dstelecom was awarded the 2015 prize by the FTTH Council Europe, the international association that brings together key players in the fiber optics sector. This award recognizes dstelecom as the operator that has made the best contribution to fiber o...

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Participating in the 23rd Congress of Communications.

dstelecom participated in the 23rd Congress of Communications, which took place at the Lisbon Congress Center. At the same time, dstelecom was also present at the Innovation Lounge, a space where brand communication and  presenting innovative product...

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dstelecom is at the roundtable themed "Digital Euro Region"

As part of the seminar held for "Cross-Border Cooperation in Alto Minho 2014-2020: Priority Tools and Actions", Xavier Martin, Executive Chairman of dstelecom participated in a roundtable discussion  on "Digital Euro Region". Organized by the Intermu...

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dstelecom succeeds in establishing agreement with operators for a new expansion of 1,2M homes

In 2018, the dst group began innovatively developing the idea of a Portuguese carrier’s carrier which materialized in dstelecom, the leading wholesaler of an open access fibra optic network in Portugal- a concept in which more than 150 million euros ...

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