Value Proposal


People are our greatest and most important ASSET!

We’re not saying it to be cliché, we’re saying it because we’re really interested.

We’re saying it because we believe that a strong and consistent Organizational Culture drives the competitive edge of our company!  Organizational Culture defines and characterizes well the environment within which you work. Our company culture is built on a sustainable mission, clear vision, and founded, above-all, on our Values and the team’s DNA.

Whether we plan for it or not, our Culture is being created every day! In our case, we have chosen to create our own Culture! We are convinced that the best way to ensure our success continues for many generations of technology as well as people is to have a strong, consistent and coherent Organizational Culture! 

Hence, the importance we give to our people as they join us.

In the same manner as our clients are attracted to our Excellent Products and Service, Excellent People are attracted to Great Cultures. Our strategy is to attract Excellent People that will help us create a Great Organizational Culture!

Excellent people refers to those who share the majority of our genetic code and our values. It’s really important to us that everyone feels engaged and aligned with our dstelecom Culture.

@dstelecom almost nothing is mandatory or irrevocable.

However, sharing our core values is!

Being a culture that is authentically lived, we have created a sustainable culture, a stronger company and happier people. We will not forgo nor deviate one millimeter from our course!


Ricardo Salgado, CEO