At dstelecom we are committed to addressing all market needs with an innovative solution. Always focused on the transparency of our business model and aiming to create value, dstelecom applies the best management practices.

dstelecom's governance takes into consideration transparency, stakeholder engagement, shareholder engagement, climate change, legal compliance and gender diversity.

At dstelecom we are committed to strengthening, design and implement policies and measures that consolidate environmental, social and governance concerns. We seek to communicate, in a transparent, effective and rigorous manner, with all our stakeholders, namely, workers, clients, clients of our clients, suppliers, shareholders, regulators, governmental entities and the community.

We encourage our teams to create innovation-oriented processes as an accelerator of progress and continuous improvement. In a natural and continuous way, we incorporate the market best practices in our policies.

Finally, all stakeholders, are involved and informed, consequently maintaining the respect and the alignment with the company values.


Business ethics

• Implement and promote measures with our workers, suppliers and business partners;

• Identify and monitor associated social and governance risks for our business;

• Comply with applicable laws and regulations as well as the highest standards of conduct and business practices, as defined by the dstelecom Code of Ethics and Conduct;

• Disclose of our Code of Ethics and Conduct to employees, with updates whenever necessary;

• Incorporate all principles, as defined by dstelecom's Supplier Code of Conduct, in our commercial practices and contracts with suppliers;

• Value and encourage workers to interact with clients, business partners and colleagues in a respectful and ethical manner at all times;

• Apply measures to ensure a work environment free from discrimination and harassment;

• Implement all necessary to guarantee personal data protection of our workers, suppliers and customers;

• Use all processes and tools to eliminate any unneeded personal data;

• Treat all competitors with respect and dignity.



At dstelecom we assure that all issues related to the company, such as: financial situation, technical, environmental, social and governance matters, are communicated to our stakeholders in a totally transparent way. Transparency is in dstelecom’s DNA, so we honour our commitment to our customers in managing a multi-operator network.



dstelecom implements and promotes measures that guarantee equal rights for all workers. We guarantee that all our shareholders have equal access to all avalable information made available. dstelecom firmly regards our clients and potential clients equally by providing a business model that supports equality, neutrality and complete independence in our decision-making principles.


Efficiency and sustainability 

In dstelcom’s DNA we keep focus on efficiency and sustainability, in protection the environment and global climate change. dstelecom promotes and implements measures, processes and procedures that cause the least impact on the environment, thus allowing us to grow in a sustainable and differentiating way. We nurture innovation and continuous improvement in the consumption of natural and energy resources and in the production of waste.

With this in mind, dstelecom certifies and maintains our quality, environment, safety and health management system at European benchmarks, ensuring the implementation and compliance of the market best practices.



Responsibility is in dstelecom’s DNA. Dstelecom promotes a culture of open and transparent communication so that all workers perform their duties in a responsible manner, assuming and correcting errors and growing professionally in an effective, efficient and responsible manner.



At dstelecom decisions are made based on the requirements and involvement of our relevant stakeholders.



dstelecom promotes the engagement of all workers, regardless of department or function. dstelecom promotes regular meetings with department heads and team leads, ensuring all are aligned. On the other hand, dstelecom challenges workers to participate in innovation projects, regardless of area or hierarchical level.


Bribery and corruption

dstelecom complies with laws and regulations against bribery and corruption. dstelecom condemns all attempts to bribe clients, suppliers, government workers and business partners. Likewise, dstelecom refuses offers from third parties that could be considered an attempt to influence dstelecom or workers. In case of doubt, the worker always communicates the situation to a manager. At the same time, dstelecom creates conditions for employees to anonymously report any attempt of bribery or corruption to the management team or the Board of Directors.


Conflict of interest

dstelecom encourages workers to avoid all situations that involving conflicts of interest and report any possible events to the management team or the Board of Directors.

Quality, Environment, Safety and Health Management Policy

dstelecom is a leading national wholesale operator in the telecommunications sector. Growth in our activity strives for a balance between reaching our commercial objectives and our ambition for responsible citizenship in the environmental and social fields.

The Quality, Environment, Safety and Health Management System Policy (SGQAS) reflects our vision, mission and values ​​and is based on the following guiding principles:

• Ensure customer satisfaction by identifying their needs and expectations while meeting the specified requirements;

• Ensure the confidentiality and security of customer information;

• Ensure business profitability and maximize shareholder value;

• Promote employees' professional development and training as a tool to improve skills and motivation;

• Identify, evaluate and control existing risks in the Business, Safety and Health of our collaborators, increasing the protection level by continuously improving our preventive action including injury prevention and mitigation of professional risks;

• Promote continuous improvement in implementing and supporting services and new solutions;

• Periodically define objectives to improve company performance and processes;

• Ensure the continuous improvement and effectiveness of the Quality, Environment, Safety and Health Management System, reviewing it periodically and affecting all necessary technical, financial and human resources;

• Ensure compliance with the legal requirements and standards applicable to the Business and to the Quality, Environment, Safety and Health Management System;

• Promote the development of processes and procedures which have lower environmental impact and favour environmental protection, by making dstelecom's Management System Policy and adopted environmental practices available to customers, suppliers and all interested parties.

• Ensure responsible consumption of natural and energy resources; reduce the use of dangerous products and producing potentially hazardous pollutants.

• Promote a clear and efficient internal and external communication process, aimed at informing employees, clients, and stakeholders.


This policy is mandatory from June 06, 2018.