We continually aim to be a company that sustainably develops open communication networks in areas of low population density.

It is in our DNA to invest in installing and operating new generation networks which provide effective and credible communication services characterized by the neutrality and capillarity of several FTTH networks in areas of low population density; freeing people from geographical barriers.

Focusing on excellence and aware of the importance of our customer relations, we implemented the Quality Management System, according to the NP EN ISO 9001: 2015 Standard, which was certified in 2017 by Bureau Veritas and encompasses: "Design, Install, Manage and Explore Connectivity Services in a Neutral Operator Model ".

This commitment to quality is shared by all organizational employees and achieved by exchanging experiences and ideas, dedication and flexibility; thus contributing to and ensuring our customers' satisfaction.

Forging our strategy to modernize, with real potential for innovation and subsequent increased levels of effectiveness and quality, we believe that together we are stronger, more demanding and more apt to provide better answers to the challenges that arise.

Management policy

dstelecom is a leading national wholesale operator in the telecommunications sector.

Growth in our activity strives for a balance between reaching our commercial objectives and our ambition for responsible citizenship in the environmental and social fields.

The Quality, Environment, Safety and Health Management System Policy (SGQAS) reflects our vision, mission and values ​​and is based on the following guiding principles:

  1. Ensure customer satisfaction by identifying their needs and expectations while meeting the specified requirements;
  2. Ensure the confidentiality and security of customer information;
  3. Ensure business profitability and maximize shareholder value;
  4. Promote employees' professional development and training as a tool to improve skills and motivation;
  5. Identify, evaluate and control existing risks in the Business, Safety and Health of our collaborators, increasing the protection level by continuously improving our preventive action including injury prevention and mitigation of professional risks;
  6. Promote continuous improvement in implementing and supporting services and new solutions;
  7. Periodically define objectives to improve company performance and processes;
  8. Ensure the continuous improvement and effectiveness of the Quality, Environment, Safety and Health Management System, reviewing it periodically and affecting all necessary technical, financial and human resources;
  9. Ensure compliance with the legal requirements and standards applicable to the Business and to the Quality, Environment, Safety and Health Management System;
  10. Promote the development of processes and procedures which have lower environmental impact and favour environmental protection, by making dstelecom's Management System Policy and adopted environmental practices available to customers, suppliers and all interested parties.
  11. Ensure responsible consumption of natural and energy resources; reduce the use of dangerous products and producing potentially hazardous pollutants.
  12. Promote a clear and efficient internal and external communication process, aimed at informing employees, clients, and stakeholders.


This policy is mandatory from June 06, 2018.