GOOD things


@ dstelecom we highly value respect for people regardless of their role or position.  @dstelecom we promote an inclusive work environment. We will actively respect diversity, regardless of its nature, and value diversity as a factor driving growth and business innovation. We respect people's personal lives and we have made progress in balancing work and life. We do not tolerate harassment or any form of intimidation. We keep the workplace safe and free of threats and we promote a fair and positive environment in which people can grow and succeed.



We like to party! The party atmosphere is undoubtedly a trademark of dstelecom. We mark the victories and the striking moments with the same intensity and devotion as we threw ourselves at the new challenges and objectives. In addition, the entire environment in dstelecom is a constant stimulus to the challenge of the status quo. The Environment and Culture @ dstelecom stimulates us to dream. Year after year we only accept new challenges if they are bigger! Our nature calls for the unceasing search for transcendence. You will dream. Dream, imagine and believe and celebrate! There is no room for monotony.



We believe in the power of Innovation. Our business is the best proof of this. It had never been done before. We innovate in technological solutions and in the business model itself. We do not want to fall asleep under these past deeds. We know we have to constantly anticipate the future. Draw the future if we can. That is why we greatly encourage innovation. In our company Innovation is not an ordinary place, nor a relaxed room with puffs to think outside the box. We define a process. Innovation is a practice. This is our model of innovation. It is a process with life and therefore evolutionary. It is the key to the sustainability of our company, our reinvention not only to adapt to the future but also to create our own future. We work daily to create incentives for the team to assimilate the processes and, above all, to incorporate into the blood mass an attitude, a state of soul, of Innovation.


4.Culture & Art.

Access to art and culture is greatly facilitated and stimulated by dstelecom. This feature is well established in the dst Group companies and dstelecom is no exception. Painting, photography, sculptures, literature or poetry intertwine in our day to day almost without realizing it. Art is a stimulus to creativity and new approaches. Art is for us especially in addressing the challenges of innovation. We believe that people who allow themselves and are stimulated to think more comprehensively can develop a better sense of criticism and creative solutions to the various problems. The construction of a work environment where the employees coexist with an artistic atmosphere is a strategy assumed by the dst Group and materialized in all the Complex and Campus where we are inserted.



Our shareholders are highly enthusiastic about the project, complementary from the point of view of expertise but super aligned with ambition. Additionally, the social dimension (internal and external) are strategic priorities of the shareholders.



With a strong Organizational Culture we produce any product or service and under any conditions. We are sure of that. Still, we took advantage of a Campus where we are inserted with more than 100 hectares of forest, with communal gardens, soccer field, tennis court, restaurant, health center with permanent doctor and dentist once a week and a manicure center. All with an aesthetic setting and extraordinarily well-kept organization.