Not so GOOD Things

1. Pressure.

We have never deviated from our Mission, but we are a results-focused team. So, we prefer to align the goals with the Mission this is why we are different. For us the results are worth more than the hours you work. We are manic with our metrics and superseding goals. We are the 100 out of 100 team. We are not satisfied with 99.99%. We must never forget that our main purpose is to delight our customers. We are obsessed with customers, not competitors. Whatever decision you have to make, do not forget to ask yourself what the customers will think. Will it please them? We do not work only for their happiness, but also for their success. Everyone’s daily focus of must be to increase satisfaction and improve our customers' experience. You're not going to work for your boss or your team. You will work to increase customer satisfaction. On the other hand, we have to guarantee the availability of our network services 24 - 7. And so that there are no doubts, 365 days a year. It does not make it easy or relaxing. We have critical services supported in our networks and huge expectations of our clients. We are professionals, we have redundancies, we have prevention teams we have processes and procedures, but we all have to be available to have to intervene at any time that may be necessary. The ability to work under pressure is far from a minor requirement.


2. Peaks.

As a result of the dynamics and ambition of the company and the joviality of the processes there will be times with peaks of work where you may happen to have to devote more time to professional activity than to family life. It will not be a few times when you will have to deal with more than one project or perform different functions or activities simultaneously. These periods will be difficult but will make you more capable and more empowered.


3. Anxiety.

A company our age, inserted in a sector as dynamic as telecommunications and, above all, with our ambition - it’s normal to feel hints of anxiety - fearing the new challenges or the confidence to execute them. The good part is you will not be alone and you can ask for help without any fear. Asking for help is a sign of strength and not weakness. Not asking for help is our intolerable capital sin. The new challenges are always unique opportunities for growth and learning. These experiences and moments will be worth it.   


4. Change.

We love change. It is a natural consequence of the dynamics of the industry and the company, but above all, it is part of our oxygenation process. Anyone who defies the status quo risks changing frequently. We have to keep an open mind to new perspectives, new approaches to new ways of looking at the world.

In addition, in our industry, the ability to reinvent ourselves is one of the most critical success factors. We have to be available to reinvent processes and workflows repeatedly.


5. Dissatisfaction.

We prefer being punctual to being perfect. Still, we yearn to satisfy our permanent dissatisfaction and the desire to improve everything we do. We value rigor and appreciate the details. The refinement of the details underpins a culture of rigor and excellence that we so much appreciate. This way of being and doing creates a daily requirement in everything we do.


6. Rules.

We work on a Campus with more companies and more people. For the sake of collective harmony, it is necessary to comply with a set of rules and procedures additional to those stipulated @dstelecom.