What we expect and Value

1. Positive Attitude.

Positive attitude is non-negotiable. dstelecom’s team only allows itself be contagious with positive energy. A team passionate about challenges. A team that loves to invest energy in the solution. A proactive and diligent team. A team that is very willing and passionate about what it does. We accept no less than this.


 2. Agility.

In our industry, if we don’t design the future, we must at least be able to follow the sector’s evolution. Not an easy task. But the real question the company is facing is not speed. It is agility, flexibility and adaptability. We can accelerate, slow down, get off the road to evaluate and, if necessary, reverse when a certain path proves to be inappropriate. In the current scenario and with the pace of evolution, we can maintain the objectives but we will be systematically forced to tune the strategy. Therefore, agility is fundamental for personal and professional growth and for our company’s sustainability.


3. Curiosity.

 We want curious people because we are convinced that it is the curiosity that can take our company further. Curiosity will help you develop a natural interest in learning, which, in turn, will allow you to stay engaged and retain more information along this journey. Curious people are not afraid to think beyond the status quo, which can result in innovation. Curiosity itself demands that you leave the comfort zone and ask the crazy questions that no one else has the courage to ask. Curious people care about finding the truth more than they can seem to do so, so they are more open to asking what they really want to ask and sharing new ideas. It is because the curious are not afraid to ask questions and propose creative solutions that others would not. Dare to be curious! Curious people with passion, imagination, persistence and courage will undoubtedly be highly creative people!


4. Responsibility.

Freedom requires responsibility and alignment. It is only possible to have a healthy environment, without bureaucracy and excessive procedures, if our team is responsible and aligned with the goals and targets that we want to overcome. Do not align in procrastination. We are irrationally picky with our peers.


5. Integrity.

Whether in internal or external relations, what we demand from our collaborators is that they are honest people and honest professionals. Nothing less. To be honest and whole means to be complete, accurate, impartial, spirited, unassailable. integrity is only established when your Values ​​are in line with your conduct. According to La Boétie, French philosopher and humanist, only honest and ethical people have friends, the bad guys have accomplices. Being honest and full is the only way to win!


6. Humility.

General and Intellectual. Be modest, although it may be incredible. The best people are self-conscious and self-critical. They are not arrogant. Being humble does not mean having a lack of self-esteem. Humility is not to think less of yourself, it is to think of you less. Intellectual humility is defined by the ability to perceive and accept that our knowledge and understanding of things always has a limit. We tend to overestimate how much we know about things. This leads us to stubbornly defend our convictions, while not valuing the opinions or visions of others. Intellectual Humility is about listening and interacting, so that the informal dialogues and learning can be refined and evolutionary. If you are closed, arrogant and clinging to your ideas and ways, no matter how competent you are, it will not work.


7. Ambition.

Our nature calls for the incessant search for transcendence. Why not me? Why not us? The ambition of this company depends on your restlessness. We look for people who are systematically dissatisfied with the results achieved so far!  @dstelecom we constantly challenge the status quo, without fear or constraints. We defy conventional "wisdom" because it is often inappropriate. As Agostinho da Silva used to say, @dstelecom what is truly traditional is the invention of the future. The limit of our ambition is the limit of your imagination.


8. Resilience.

We want people with ambition and courage to challenge the status quo of the business. Simultaneously our people must have determination and resistance as not to become discouraged with the first obstacles and difficulties. People aggressive, determined, persuasive and resilient! People who deal well with adversity and are energized in the constant search for alternative solutions. Resilience is a muscle. It can be trained and developed through agility and relevant issues. Zero tolerance for slacking, laziness and self-indulgence.


9. Emotional.

We do not look for people with high IQ (we also do not turn them away!). We are looking for people with Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is defined as the ability to identify and manage your own and others' emotions. Those who have emotional intelligence are usually confident, know how to work toward their goals, are adaptable and flexible. A person with EI quickly recovers from stress and is resistant. People with EI are not perfectionists, they take advantage of the changes, they do not distract easily, they are empathetic, they know their strengths and weaknesses do not live in the past, they focus on the positive. Negative emotions are those that are destructive to the goals of the organization. Emotional Intelligence is a talent we want to attract. We just want people on the team who have the talent to realize the power of Empathy.


10. Hard Worker.

It may seem like a back-office to a company that values ​​creativity and innovation to require people who enjoy working. Enjoy working hard. But it is not. In dstelecom, we also defined Talent as 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. We do not want to deny the importance of inspiration. On the contrary, we consider it a driving force, which we find in all human activity and which, therefore, is not only a monopoly of artists or special people. This force, however, only blossoms when some effort sets in motion, and that effort is your work. And, there is no intense work for a long time without passion. No one can take much time to work hard if he has no passion for what he does.
@dstelecom, because we love to challenge the status quo, we are systematically creating a chill in the belly of the people who work there. But that is not enough to keep you in love. It depends a lot on you too.

Don't just aspire to make a living Aspire to make a difference. 

We look for people who are enthusiastic, who fall in love with what they do, people who want to make a difference. People who identify with the project and the culture of the company have a better life. If it is not your case, do not apply. Hard work, Works!


 11. Social.

We look for authentic, sensitive people without fear of feelings. We are a company of people who value fraternity, solidarity and love. We are a specialized company that brings optical fiber to areas of low population density, with social specificities that require all the sensitivity of the team to humanize the decisions to support the expansion. We are bold, ambitious but we want to grow well. Growing well means promoting the economic and social development of the communities where we are based, developing policies and practices of social responsibility, and contributing to wealth creation, social equity, and betterment of people's well-being. "Social centers concentrated in large centers or by online access. It means to be an active partner of the Municipalities of the territories where we are located with presentation of solutions that aim to create quality of life for citizens. Patronize services and provide connectivity to outdoor cultural events and events to a gracious title. Encourage corporate volunteering and developed personnel within normal working hours with the availability of our people to carry out volunteer work with communities. That's why we value people with social sensitivity.


12. Motivation.

We are looking for people who can motivate themselves. People who can dream alone. We value people who dream dreams. People who do not spend energy shouting that they are unmotivated or uninspired. Your motivation is you who do it. Maintain a positive attitude: there is nothing more powerful for motivation than the right attitude. You cannot control the situation, but you can choose the attitude to take under the circumstances. You will not overcome the challenges by making them smaller, but by becoming bigger. When it comes to getting results, it takes motivation and skill. Motivation makes things happen. Where there is no will, there is no way. We want people who know how to master personal motivation and have ways to motivate themselves!


13. Reliability.

We look for reliable people. People who are consistent in their behavior pattern. People who value honor (both from themselves and others around them) and are stubborn to fulfill their commitments. People who are present and available to be part of the solution. People who do not hide when we need extra effort and whose availability does not mortgage the commitments and responsibilities arising from their functions. We want people who are predisposed and oriented to action and solutions and to whom we can trust any mission or new project because we know they will be taken to the end. To Be is To Do.


As Confucius said “ Better a diamond with a flaw, than a pebble without”.

We’re looking for people with Heart & Charisma