What we offer

Our commitment with our people is to guarantee:

1. Healthy and Open Environment.

A healthy, open and relaxed workplace where one feels included - capable of growth and happiness. We spend many hours together, so that time needs to contribute positively to your overall well-being and happiness.
@dstelecom our collaborators are free to differ in perspectives. More so, we greatly value a plethora of thoughts and perspectives. We believe that it is in diversity that we find better solutions. Better innovations. Your thoughts are free and that’s how we value them.


2. Tolerance.

We could be ardent defenders of a plethora of thoughts and perspectives if we did not accept error. We do not encourage mistakes. We do have accept learning from failures as a process of consolidating learning. You can fail, but you will certainly fail better the next time. We prefer to fail, then never to have tried something new.


3. Diversity.

We @dstelecom see diversity as a unique factor that enriches, develops, expands, discovers and adds value to our company. dstelecom is an open, plural entity which actively recognizes and respects diversity, be it of religious, ethnic, social or any other nature. We consider diversity a driving factor of growth and business innovation.


4. Equality.

On the other hand, we do not look at equality as a separate ‘file’. We do it naturally and authentically without any quotas or social obligations. The Values we defend become the Policies that we advocate through in our recruitment process, which is non-discriminatory in any way.
@dstelecom talent, skills and dedication are not measured by your birthday not your gender. The only discriminatory criteria for career development is MERIT. You only depend on You to be successful!


5. Growth.

Being a young company whose DNA is characterized by Audacity and Ambition, we offer our collaborators opportunities of growth way above the possibilities in other larger companies. We do this be offering training that complements our DNA and the experiences of OUR people. We seek, either internally or externally, to obtain the necessary skills to professionally grow and develop our collaborators.
We are audacious and passionate about designing the future, we are convinced that dstelecom is the right choice for inquisitive minds apt for challenges.


6. Recognition.

We believe that recognizing talent goes beyond an economical dimension, so we carefully and systematically seek ways to adjust our people’s ambitions and merits to the opportunities that continually arise within the company.
Regarding salary, we aim to uphold principles that are fair and competitive in our market. In addition to remuneration and social benefits, our company’s growth has led us to standardizing our assessment tools and introducing mechanisms to monitor all activities and reward individual and collective efforts.


7. Transparency.

Transparency is one of our Values. Our work environment creates conditions and encourages people to reveal their concerns, anxieties or aspirations without fear. We are a company with open doors where frank dialogue between employees and leaders is done in an easy and natural way. Our People are encouraged to take the initiative and risks, while safe in the knowledge that requests for help are valued as signs of strength rather than weakness.
We also give feedback on performance. We do it face-to-face. In a transparent but constructive way. We do not use ruses or arrangements.


 8. Communication.

Alongside transparency is communication. Transparency cannot exist without good communication. They must go hand in hand and are strategic for sustaining any organizational culture. Whether in written form, verbal form or body language, in meetings or presentations, we seek to communicate effectively and always positively. We greatly value communication. We value form and content. We communicate a lot between peers, between teams and as a team. We try to communicate well. Communicate politely, always positive and constructive. We give feedback. We make sure that everyone knows what we are doing, but above all everyone understands why we are doing it. We communicate well because we like to listen. We listened well. We listen to others and respect their opinions.


9. Engagement.

We are a large company and quite eclectic from the point of view of skills. The richness and diversity of individual views and experiences compels us to continually manage dstelecom with practices usually associated with smaller companies where people are concerned. We greatly value the broad and transversal involvement of our Employees, especially in matters such as Innovation, Challenges, Strategy, Policies, Norms, Procedures and Corporate DNA. Collective auscultation on these matters and matters of general interest is recurrent and done in a frank and open manner.

@dstelecom, more than knowing what we do it, we want to know Why we do it!