Alijó: fiber optics will reach 90% of the county's houses

The fiber optic network, which will reach more than 90% of the houses in the municipality of Alijó, is currently being installed, guaranteeing coverage of about 9500 homes.

This expansion represents a doubling of the current coverage in the territory and will allow the optical fiber to reach less densely populated areas, which represents an important step to mitigate territorial inequalities in terms of telecommunications.

After this expansion, both families and companies in the municipality of Alijó will have access to telecommunications services with more speed, greater bandwidth, better coverage and higher quality.

The Municipality of Alijó signed an agreement with the company dstelecom, responsible for the expansion of the network, for the installation of a telecommunications container that will allow the creation of over 100 thousand accesses.

Source: Notícias de Vila Real