Company from Braga promotes advanced telecommunications course (and guarantees internship)

dstelecom, from the DST Group, will promote a Higher Professional Technical Course in Network Management and Advanced Telecommunications, at the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado e Ave (IPCA), in Braga. Applications are open until the 30th of August.

In a statement sent to O MINHO, the company from Braga said that this course, which will last two years, will be taught by IPCA teachers and specialized workers from dstelecom. The last semester will be dedicated to a curricular internship, guaranteed by the company to all students.

When attending the course, students also have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship, in accordance with DGES rules.

This technical training is aimed at Level 4 vocational secondary education students, 12th year students or legally equivalent qualifications, holders of a technological specialization diploma (CET) or holders of a higher education degree that seek their professional requalification.

Its conclusion allows obtaining a higher professional technician diploma equivalent to level 5 of the National Qualification Framework.

In the end, trainees will be in a position to design, install, optimize, configure and manage network infrastructures, manage servers and Internet services, install, configure and maintain computer systems, install and verify cabling infrastructure for networks and optimize the performance of network infrastructures.

In addition, they will be able to draw up a security plan for data communications infrastructure, handle domestic, urban, fiber and WIFI networks, as well as plan, install, configure and define maintenance plans for network equipment.

For Ricardo Salgado, CEO of dstelecom, the promotion of this course is the materialization of yet another partnership with centers of knowledge, now with regard to people's qualifications, with the aim that these qualifications respond better to the gaps in the labor market and the needs of companies.

“Answers to strategic challenges can no longer be found exclusively indoors or in conventional models. There is a direct relationship between success and partnerships with centers of knowledge”, he says quoted in the statement.

Interested people can find more information about the curriculum here and apply here.

Alternatively, you can clarify your doubts with the Escola Técnica Superior Profissional – ETESP of IPCA, Braga branch, by calling 253 802 206 or sending an email to sa_tesp_braga@ipca.pt.

Source: O Minho