dstelecom is at the roundtable themed "Digital Euro Region"

As part of the seminar held for "Cross-Border Cooperation in Alto Minho 2014-2020: Priority Tools and Actions", Xavier Martin, Executive Chairman of dstelecom participated in a roundtable discussion  on "Digital Euro Region".

Organized by the Intermunicipal Community of Minho-Lima, a group currently developing a study on "Designing and Planning Cross-Border Cooperation Projects", the event was precisely aimed at establishing cross-border networks and partnerships with an overall view on priorities for the cooperation in Alto Minho. Hence, creating an action plan which could enable the preparation of the next programming period.

The seminar was opened by the Mayor of Valencia, Jorge Mendes, along with the President of the CIM Alto Minho Executive Council, Rui Solheiro, as well as the President of UNIMINHO Board of Directors, Rafael Abal and Ourense County Council (Deputación de Ourense) President, Manuel Baltar.

The initial panel focused on the theme "Cross-Border Cooperation in the period 2014-2020: Trends and Perspectives", led by Maria Cerqueira, RTP journalist, with a number of invited speakers, among them Jesús Gamallo, General Director of Foreign Affairs of the Galicia Regional government (Xunta de Galicia).

The roundtable, which followed, centered around the theme "Perspectives for Cross-Border Cooperation in the Alto Minho 2014-2020" and the main conclusions of previous work meetings were presented by priority areas such as "Digital Euro Region",  "Transboundary Clusters", "Tourism, Environment and Territory" and "Qualification, Employment and Social Inclusion."

Moderated by Adolfo Neira, a specialist in cross-border cooperation projects, this roundtable, which counted on the intervention of Xavier Martin and others,  aimed to stimulate a broad participation process where the various participants had an active voice and contributed to predefining referred-to priorities and corner-stone initiatives on the 2020 horizon.

The event closing was led by José María Costa, Mayor of Viana do Castelo  and Eixo Atlântico President, who noted a set of key ideas on future cooperation in the northern coastal regions between Portugal and Spain to be placed in an action plan and put into practice next year.