dstelecom implements a pioneering solution in the telco market

The system developed by dstelecom, in partnership with international technology company Locken, is based on access control to fiber optic distribution cabinets. Its implementation should cover 100 municipalities in the country.

dstelecom has developed a solution to control access to fiber optic distribution cabinets, with the aim of increasing network security and, consequently, enhancing the quality of service provided to populations.

The project will be implemented, in phases, in more than 1500 cabinets, spread over 100 municipalities, from north to south of the country. The first batch is already being installed in Póvoa de Lanhoso, Vieira do Minho and Terras do Bouro, and the entire network is expected to be completed by June 2022.

dstelecom is the first telecommunications company to implement an access control system at this level of network distribution, thus positioning itself as a pioneer operator in the telco market that usually applies these control systems in more centralized infrastructures.

The solution, developed exclusively for dstelecom, will ensure a greater and better reaction to hypothetical breakdowns and ensure that there are no undue access to fiber distribution cabinets, mitigating situations of malfeasance or vandalism. On the other hand, it will contribute to reducing the environmental impact by reducing the number of trips to the lockers for network maintenance.

The system consists of replacing the current mechanical lock with a mechatronic lock which, combined with a synchronous smart key using bluetooth technology with a mobile application, will allow each user to be authenticated, thus managing access permissions and guaranteeing or restricting access whenever necessary.

“The main challenge of this project was to devise a system that, combined with the right processes, would allow for remote control of who, when and why accesses each cabinet”, reveals Sérgio Fernandes, CTO of dstelecom.

To date, throughout its infrastructure, dstelecom has more than 1,500 distribution cabinets, where it divides the optical signal, creating, from there, all the network capillarity in order to reach populations. Given their preponderance in the network topology, they are strategic and critical points for the stability of the services provided to customers. Although these cabinets have hundreds of optical connections, they are currently devoid of any energy supply, making it difficult to install control systems.

According to the same source, the solution developed in partnership with international technology company Locken comes precisely to respond to these weaknesses. “The fact that we are able to register in real time all accesses to the cabinets will allow us to correlate this data with other information on the network, such as the registration of jobs, failures and service degradations”, he adds.

For dstelecom, innovation is one of the main pillars of its DNA. “Our teams are daily challenged to think outside the box and discuss important issues for the evolution of the business. This project is the result of this even when brainstorming among workers was born”, concludes the company's CTO.

It should be remembered that dstelecom is a wholesale telecommunications operator responsible for the construction and management of the first and largest multi-operator FTTH fiber optic network in Europe, available to all telecommunications operators.