dstelecom launches digital platform to contract telecommunications services

The new GetOn digital store will aggregate offers from different operators and show users their availability in the indicated area of residence.

dstelecom, a company of the Portuguese group DST, has just launched GetOn, a digital platform that allows the exclusive online contracting of telecommunication services based on optical fiber, from a list of several operators.

In a statement, the company indicates that it has invested half a million euros in this project and says that “GetOn will start by operating in areas of low population density, with the greater purpose of contributing to the promotion of telecommunications services supported exclusively by optical fiber”.

dstelecom emphasizes that the new platform “integrates service offers from various operators supported by different infrastructures”, and for now GetOn lists offers from telecommunications companies such as NOS, Nowo and Blu.

DSTelecom already guarantees a network infrastructure that covers more than 550 thousand families in Portugal, spread over more than a third of the national territory. By the end of this year, the company expects to reach families in 130 municipalities.

The DST group company is a wholesale telecommunications operator responsible for building and managing the first and largest multi-operator FTTH (fiber to the home) fiber optic network in Europe, available to all telecommunications operators.


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