dstelecom leads project of MIT Portugal program in the value of 1.7M€

K2Dan acronym of Knowledge and Data from the Deep to Spaceis the name of the research projectworth 1.7M€, which dstelecomin partnership with entities from the National Scientific and Technological System and MIT, propose to develop over the next three yearsunder the MIT Portugal Programcorresponding to the challenge of guaranteeing the sustainable evolution of the earththrough the monotoring of terrestrial systemsanticipating their critical failures. 

K2D addresses this challenge proposing the development of a global scale and totally disruptive monitoring system for the oceansfrom the depths to the surfacethrough sensing and satellite which allow a holistic  knowledge of the earth`s global system” advances dstelecom. 

The challenges under water and in particulaat extremelly depthsare enourmous and the environmental exposure excessively hostile to conventional sensing approacheswhich makes them extrmely expensive and makes any attempt to extend the monitoring approaches currently available to the atmosphere to the oceans impossibleFor this reason, “K2D proposes to take advantage of the existing widespread infrastructure of submarine communications and energy transport cables to produce a network for continuous and real-time detection of vital signs of the land and, in particular, of the oceans”, he adds.  

The methodology implies the development of a synergistic set of components, which allows the collection of extensive and complex data from the oceans, including physical, chemical, biological and environmental variables and the combination of acoustic information and environmental DNA with other data sources, in addition to advanced modeling of hybridized geoinformatics with artificial intelligence tools to enrich models of geospatial and temporal information. The analysis of the information will allow “to describe and anticipate abnormal health patterns and human activities, especially those most prone to risks and extreme events”. 

The project also foresee the implementationas a component, of AUVs - Autonomous Underwater Vehicle –, capable of  transporting sensors to remote areasproviding efficiently data collectionithe oceans"The simultaneous sampling of oceanic variables, in different locations, contributes to a better understanding of the phenomena that can occur in the oceans, providing valuable data", reinforces the telecommunications company. 

Connectivity also emerges as a premise of K2D, by enabling optical cable repeaters with wireless communications, providing a line of communication to the land and assistance in terms of navigation. "We will work on new capabilities for repeaters, including acoustic communication (long range), high speed optical communication (short range), acoustic signaling for navigation assistance and integrated real-time sensors and charging points", concluded dstelecom. 

The Minho University (through the research centers IBS - Institute of Science and Innovation for Bio-Sustainability, ISISE - Institute for Sustainability and Innovation in Structural Engineering and CMEMS - Center for MicroElectroMechanics Systems), INESC TEC, MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technologythe University of the Azoresthe Cintal - Center of Technological Investigation of Algarvethe AIR Centre - Atlantic International Research Center Develompment Association and the ASN – Alcatel Submarine Networks are part of the the list of partners involved in this project. 

This is not the only research project of the MIT Portugal Program with an imprint of dstelecom, given that the telecommunications company is also involved in the Aeros Constellation project, which aims to develop a nano satellite platform as a precursor to a future constellation to explore, monitor and enhance the oceans and space, in a sustainable way, and thus leverage scientific and economic synergies. 

Remember that K2D and Aeros Constellation were approved as part of a call for MIT flagship projects. With this challenge doubled, dstelecom is the only Portuguese company that collaborates in more than 1 project simultaneously.