dstelecom takes fiber optic network to all parishes in Salvaterra de Magos

dstelecom is reinforcing the fiber optic network in the municipality of Salvaterra de Magos, guaranteeing coverage in 98% of the municipality, in a total of around 13,000 homes.

As a result of this expansion project, the company has just reinforced the broadband service in Marinhais and in the Union of the parishes of Salvaterra de Magos and Foros de Salvaterra. In a statement, the company said that “by the end of the first quarter of 2022, dstelecom's fiber optic network had reached more families, not only in Marinhais but also in Muge and in União of the parishes of Glória do Ribatejo and Granho, thus ensuring that all parishes in the county are connected to the digital highway”.

With a view to eliminating the barriers of time and space, through dstelecom's fiber optic network, the ongoing work will allow more Salvadorans to enjoy the broadband service and benefit from more speed, greater bandwidth and better quality .

Consumers can already check the availability of fiber coverage in their area by accessing dstelecom.pt/rede-e-cobertura or sending an email to euquerofibra@dstelecom.pt with their complete address and, ideally, gps coordinates. Alternatively, you can also speak to your telecom operator.

According to dstelecom, this expansion, in line with the purpose of taking fiber optics to locations with lower population density, contributes not only to the fixation of the population, but also to the creation of new opportunities for the region, becoming a motive attraction and thus increasing economic and social benefits.

It should be remembered that dstelecom is a wholesale telecommunications operator responsible for the construction and management of the first and largest multi-operator FTTH fiber optic network in Europe, available to all telecommunications operators.