Optical fiber reaches over 2900 Penafidel families by August

More than 7,000 families will now have access to the service

By the end of August, more than 7,000 families residing in the municipality of Penafiel will have the opportunity to use dstelecom's fiber optic network, says the company.

Currently, the wholesale operator guarantees that 4,200 homes can access the fiber service in the parishes of Abragão, Boelhe, Capela, Croca, Luzim and Vila Cova, Perozelo and Recezinhos (São Martinho) and that, “as a result of the work being carried out along the In the coming months, there will be an increase in coverage in Abragão, Boelhe, Capela, Croca, Luzim and Vila Cova, Perozelo and Recezinhos (São Martinho), in a total of over 1,200 houses”. The dstelecom fiber network will debut in Recezinhos (São Mamede), Rio Mau and Sebolido with a view to covering 1,700 addresses.

“Actually, there are more than 7,000 families residing in these 11 parishes who will be able to hire telecommunications services with more speed, greater bandwidth, better coverage and higher quality until the end of August this year”, says the company, informing that consumers can already check the availability of fiber coverage in their area by accessing dstelecom.pt/rede-e-cobertura, calling 253 009 910 or sending an email to euquerofibra@dstelecom.pt with your full address and ideally gps coordinate.

According to António de Sousa, Mayor of Penafiel, this project will significantly improve the lives of the population, as well as add value to the activity of companies. “These days, high-speed internet connection is a service of primary need for citizens and companies”, says the mayor, seeing “with satisfaction” this reinforcement of the fiber optic network in our territory, “a commitment that we assumed in the last elections”, become a reality.

It is recalled that dstelecom is a wholesale telecommunications operator responsible for building and managing the first and largest multi-operator FTTH fiber optic network in Europe, available to all telecommunications operators.

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