dstelecom launches higher technical course in telecommunications at IPCA

The company from the dst universe launched the Professional Superior Technical Course in Advanced Networks and Telecommunications Management, at the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado e Ave (IPCA). The course lasts two years, the company pays the fees to employees and ensures a final curricular internship.

The company from the dst universe has just launched the Higher Professional Technical Course in Advanced Networks and Telecommunications Management, at the Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e Ave (IPCA), in Braga, with the aim of promoting the integration of students in the labor market and, at the same time, ensuring highly qualified technical training for potential talents in its business area.

Applications are open until the 22nd of August, with limited places, and the course starts in October.
With a duration of two years, in daytime hours, this course will be taught by IPCA professors and by specialized workers from dstelecom. The last six months will be dedicated to a curricular internship, provided by the company to all students.

When attending the course, trainees also have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship, from 871 euros/year, awarded by the DGES.

This technical training is intended for students of secondary vocational education at Level 4, students in the 12th year of completion or legally equivalent qualifications, holders of a technological specialization diploma (CET) or holders of a higher education degree wishing to their professional retraining.

At the end of the year, the trainees will be able to design, install, optimize, configure and manage network infrastructures, manage servers and Internet services, install, configure and maintain computer systems, install and verify cabling infrastructures for networks, optimize the performance of network infrastructures, prepare a security plan for data communications infrastructure, handle home, urban, fiber and WIFI networks, as well as plan, install, configure and define maintenance plans for network equipment.

Completion of this course allows obtaining a higher professional technician diploma equivalent to level 5 of the National Qualification Framework.

This is already the fourth course created between dst group companies and the IPCA. The partnership started in 2019 with the bysteel Advanced Welding course. In 2021, the course Preparation and Construction Management was launched with Cari and this year, in addition to dstelecom, dst solar debuts with the course Renewable Energies and Sustainable Systems. The dst group ensures the payment of tuition fees to all workers who want to enrich their knowledge with these training courses.


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