dstelecom takes optical fiber to the municipality of Lagos

By the end of this year, 95% of homes in the Municipality of Lagos will have the opportunity to take advantage of dstelecom's fiber optic network.

The first 19,000 houses will be available until June in the parishes of Luz, Odiáxere and São Gonçalo de Lagos (Santa Maria and São Sebastião), a process that is already underway, despite the slowdown felt due to the pandemic period we are going through.

In a second phase, there will be a reinforcement of 9 thousand houses in Odiáxere and in the village of São Sebastião.

After all, about 28 thousand houses in the municipality of Lagos will be able to contract telecommunications services with more speed, greater bandwidth, better coverage and higher quality in 2020.

The consumer can already check the availability of fiber network coverage at his address at www.dstelecom.pt/network-and-coverage.

According to dstelecom, this expansion, in line with the purpose of bringing optical fiber to locations with less population density, contributes, not only to the settlement of the population, but also to the creation of new opportunities for the region, becoming a reason attraction and thus increasing economic and social benefits.