Optical fiber reaches 98% of the municipality of Belmonte

dstelecom announced this week the connection of its digital highway to the municipality of Belmonte, thus ensuring that its fiber optic network reaches 98% of the municipality.

The wholesale telecommunications operator informs that, from now on, “all Belmonte parishes have telecommunications services with greater bandwidth, benefiting from more speed, better coverage and higher quality, thus eliminating the barriers of time and space, via the digital highway.”

At the moment, the dstelecom network has already reached the locations of Belmonte, Caria, Colmeal da Torre, Inguias and Maçainhas, “already covering around 4,000 homes, and by the end of May, it is expected that the five locations will be the target of a network reinforcement.”

According to the company, this expansion is in line with the purpose of “bringing fiber optics to areas of the country where there is a greater need at the digital level and contributing, not only to the population’s retention, but also to the creation of new opportunities for the region. , becoming a reason for attraction and thus increasing economic and social benefits.”

Consumers can check the availability of fiber coverage in their area by going to www.dstelecom.pt/cobertura or by sending an email to euquerofibra@dstelecom.pt with the full address and, ideally, GPS coordinates. Alternatively, you can also talk to your telecommunications operator on 800 910 660.

Source: Rádio Caria Newspaper