dstelecom advances with a research project in the field of fiber optics

dstelecom, from the Braga group DST, will lead a €2 million research project related to the development of fiber optic networks.

There will be 2 million euros to be invested over 31 months in Netedge, a scientific project of "edge computing", an area of ​​data processing that aims to bring computing and data storage closer to where they are needed to improve response times and save bandwidth.

More specifically, DSTelecom details in a statement, within the scope of Netedge research will be carried out in the area of ​​"edge computing" for users of optical fiber networks. The objective is "research and development of cutting-edge technologies in the field of distributed computing", they clarify.

The project will be developed in conjunction with the University of Minho, the Telecommunications Institute and the companies Bysteel fs, Fapajal and Bee Engineering.


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