Reinforced fiber optic network in the municipality of Alijó

dstelecom is reinforcing its fiber optic network in the Alijó municipality, with a view to bringing broadband to over three thousand families, thus ensuring that around 92% of the population will be connected to the digital highway by the end of the year.

In October there will be around 2,000 new covered houses with access to the dstelecom fiber optic network in Pegarinhos, in the União de Freguesias de Pópulo and Ribalonga, in Vila Chã, Vila Verde and Vilar de Maçada. By the end of the year, the remaining houses will be available in Favaios, Santra Eugénia and in the Union of the parishes of Carlão and Amieiro.

With this reinforcement, there will be more Alijoenses able to contract telecommunications services with more speed, greater bandwidth, better coverage and higher quality.

Font: Notícias de Vila Real