Vila Pouca de Aguiar: optical fiber reaches almost 10 thousand homes

Optical fiber already reaches more than 9,500 homes in Vila Pouca de Aguiar, guaranteed dstelecom, the wholesale telecommunications operator responsible for building and managing infrastructure in the council. In the statement, which was made public today, he added that this data highway covers 11 locations.

Alfarela de Jales, Bornes de Aguiar, Bragado, Capeludos, Lixa do Alvão, Sabroso de Aguiar, Soutelo de Aguiar, Telões, Vila Pouca de Aguiar, Vreia de Bornes and Vreia de Jales can now enjoy faster telecommunications services , stability and quality, through any national operator. As all operators operating in Portugal make their services available to the end consumer through the dstelecom infrastructure, Vidigueirenses will have freedom of choice when subscribing to television, internet and telephone.

According to the company, the infrastructure will contribute not only to the reduction of regional asymmetries, but also to the settlement of the population and the creation of new opportunities in the region.

The end consumer can check the availability of fiber coverage in their area by accessing here or sending an email to euquerofibra@dstelecom.pt with the full address and, ideally, GPS coordinates. Alternatively, you can also speak to your telecommunications operator on 800 913 300.