3 misconceptions about the multi-operator network

In the telecommunications landscape, multi-operator networks are often the subject of misconceptions. It's therefore time to unravel the truth behind high-speed connectivity. We've highlighted three common myths that will be clarified:

1."A multi-operator network is less reliable"
Some people believe that sharing the same fibre optic infrastructure with several operators can result in a less reliable network, subject to frequent failures. However, multi-operator networks are designed with redundancy and backups to ensure continuity of services, even in the event of failures. This approach guarantees robust reliability, ensuring that connectivity remains stable in all circumstances.

2."A multi-operator network performs less well than networks dedicated to a single operator"
Contrary to common belief, multi-operator networks are specifically designed to provide high data transmission capacity and speed. These networks are optimised to ensure efficient performance, guaranteeing a superior user experience.

3."A multi-operator network is limited in the type of services it offers"
If you think that multi-operator networks are limited in terms of the services available, it's time to re-evaluate that perspective. These networks are highly flexible and can offer the same type of services as operators with their own networks. From VoIP (voice) services to high-quality television and content on demand (VoD), the possibilities are varied.

In this sense, it is crucial to recognise that multi-operator networks not only challenge but also overcome the stereotypes surrounding them. By debunking common misconceptions, we reveal the true nature of these networks: reliable, efficient and adaptable to the dynamic needs of the contemporary world.

Remember that dstelecom builds, operates and maintains the first and largest multi-operator fibre-optic network in Europe. Today, our digital motorway passes through more than half the municipalities in Portugal and all the telecoms operators operating in Portugal make their services available to the end consumer via our network.

The availability of our fibre network coverage in your area can be checked here or by sending an email to euquerofibra@dstelecom.pt with your full address and, ideally, GPS coordinates.