7 advantages of fiber optics for your everyday life

Is your home internet slow? Having trouble watching a movie without interruptions? Does making a quality video call seem like an impossible task? Imagine how much you could benefit if you switched from your current service to a state-of-the-art one!

Optical fiber guarantees a high level of quality and speed in the transmission of signals and data, voice and video, supported by a more efficient and secure infrastructure. Know, in detail, the associated advantages:

More quality

Optical fiber offers greater bandwidth and therefore ensures better image and sound quality. A particularly important feature for those who have, for example, Ultra HD televisions. While cable internet can struggle to provide streaming, a fiber optic connection has no problem streaming high quality 4K TV and movies.

More speed

The stability of the connection makes the loading of the internet pages fast.

The transmission speed in optical fiber is 10 to 20 times higher than copper wire connections. For example, to download a 2-hour HD movie, cable Internet takes 7 minutes, while fiber optic Internet takes only 40 seconds.

Less signal degradation

Fiber optics guarantees less degradation and a longer range of the signal, being able to overcome the barriers imposed by objects and walls. For those who want to have an automated house, this factor is preponderant.

Better price

Fiber optic services are cheaper than other technologies. As the costs of infrastructure, installation process and maintenance are lower, it is possible to offer solutions with more competitive values to the consumer.

Lower latency

Many latency problems (delays), for example in downloads and uploads, can be eliminated with fiber optic services. This factor also provides a better gaming experience.

Increased data security and privacy

Data security and privacy are superior, since to access the transmitted information it would be necessary to physically intersect the fiber, which would immediately issue alarms to the supervisory teams.

More resistance

Contrary to what happens with copper cables, fiber optic infrastructures are highly resistant to changes in temperature, weather, humidity, electrical discharges and impulsive noise, ensuring that the signal is not impacted.

Less storage space

Due to its characteristics, optical fiber consumes much less storage space, making it an excellent option for people and companies with limited servers.

These advantages help to understand the results of a study recently carried out by the German consultancy Wik Consult, which showed that users with fiber optic services are, on average, 11% more active online. They watch more videos, listen to more music, interact more on social networks.

In an increasingly digital world where everything happens at great speed, a good connection is essential. A highway par excellence, fiber optics is really the best way to send and receive information.

We remind you that dstelecom builds and manages the only fiber optic infrastructure shared by all telecommunications operators in Portugal, which guarantees that the end consumer can subscribe to the service that suits him best with any operator.

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