ESG: sustainability as a strong pillar of the corporate universe

Sustainability has never been so central to the corporate debate. At the same time that companies are starting to prioritize more environmentally friendly practices, consumers are also increasingly concerned about the habits they can adopt to reduce their footprint. It is, therefore, the task of organizations to provide innovative solutions to their customers.

Aware of the pressing global climate crisis, at dstelecom we are committed to minimizing the environmental impacts of our business. Therefore, we decided to incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into our practices, operational and investment processes, which, in turn, establish a close relationship with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations General Assembly. Our objectives are: to reduce carbon emissions, increase energy efficiency, invest in renewable energy and promote the reduction, recycling and reuse of waste.

Day after day, we seek to pursue eco-efficient behavior - an attitude that translates into concrete actions to minimize the impact of waste and energy efficiency. For example, we monitor the water quality of the promoted IoT networks and we have two cutting-edge projects under development, K2D and AEROS, to protect Marine Life. In addition, we installed solar panels for self-consumption of renewable energy, we are replacing network equipment and air conditioning machines with more efficient equipment and we have invested in the study of natural solutions to air-condition our POPs, reducing CO2 emissions to zero. But there is more: our networks are designed in order to reduce the consumption of natural and energy resources and also guarantee the connectivity and management of solar and wind parks located in remote areas.

In addition to measuring water consumption, in our offices, we installed faucets with timers, intelligent irrigation systems and water drums to eliminate the use of bottled water. We implemented recycling and waste sorting programs, replaced disposable cups with reusable cups and bottles, and installed motion-sensing LED lighting, among many joint initiatives, such as planting trees on campus.

By embracing remote work agreements and technology, we reduce the environmental footprint of our office spaces and decrease the need for many of our workers to commute and travel. With this measure, the launch of a Car Sharing platform, the "I am a responsible driver" program and the implementation of public transport stops in the complex, we reduced our carbon emissions.

The nature of our business - multi-operator infrastructure - while creating technical and economic synergies is, by nature, an environmentally efficient business, avoiding duplicate infrastructure and materials. Furthermore, with the aim of reducing waste and giving it a new life, we are developing the Green dstelecom project.

It is a case to say that sustainability is in our DNA and, therefore, we seek that all our stakeholders are aligned with this purpose, whether employees, investors, suppliers or customers. Until today, we have come a long way, but we are aware that we still can and must do much more.

Discover our ESG policy in detail here.