dstelecom brings optical fiber to 95% of houses in Vila Pouca de Aguiar

By March of this year, 95% of houses in the municipality of Vila Pouca de Aguiar will have the opportunity to take advantage of dstelecom's fiber optic network, a 30% increase over current coverage in the municipality.

Under this expansion, more than 8 thousand kilometers of optical fiber will be installed, which will ensure that the parishes of Telões, Vreia de Jales and Alfarela de Jales will have access to the broadband service. The first 1600 houses of these parishes will be available from today.

Accordingly, around 10,000 houses in the municipality of Vila Pouca de Aguiar will be able to contract telecommunications services with higher speed, higher bandwidth, better coverage and higher quality.

To do so, consumers can check the availability of fiber network coverage at their address at dstelecom.pt/network-and-coverage or contact their operator directly on 253 009 910.

According to dstelecom, this expansion, in line with the purpose of bringing fiber optics to less densely populated areas, contributes not only to the settlement of the population, but also to the creation of new opportunities for the region, becoming a reason of attraction and thereby increasing economic and social benefits.