ID Talks | 3rd edition

At dstelecom, democratizing innovation is a priority. We believe that all workers can make important contributions to our development and, therefore, we seek to give everyone a voice, without exception. It was for this purpose that, this morning, we promoted the 3rd edition of ID talks, an initiative created to share Ideas and Challenges.

As in previous editions, today's session took place in a hybrid format, face-to-face and online, enabling the participation of all our teams, spread across various geographies.

With eyes on the future, one of the main objectives of the meeting was to present the new internal innovation projects, to which our employees can contribute and whose applications open on April 21, World Day of Creativity and Innovation. In addition, another of the major innovations presented was the completion of the first European application, after multiple projects with national participation had been completed.

But because in order to know where we are heading we need to know where we are, the state of the art of the projects that our company has been exploring was presented (context, objectives, relevance, next steps and results), both internal and external and that result of the Chair we hold with the University of Minho and partnerships with other leading Portuguese universities, national technology centers and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Pioneering projects ranging from developing a nanosatellite to monitor the surface of the sea and coastal areas, to sensorizing submarine cables, converting them not only into data highways, but also into a sensorized network for real-time environmental monitoring, or even development of an augmented reality app created to assist our field teams.

Another of our ambitions is to encourage creative thinking among our workers, with a view to personal and collective enrichment. Therefore, the session ended with a presentation on artificial intelligence that set the tone for an open discussion on how we can use this resource in our daily lives. Given that the event had a large and widespread participation from various departments of the company, a very fruitful sharing of ideas was generated.

In the field of telecommunications, in particular, points were addressed such as the use of augmented reality to improve the customer experience, technical support, network optimization, process automation, forecasting future needs, among other points. A positive and productive discussion that culminated with reflection on how the training actions carried out internally can contribute to making dstelecom a more automated, optimized, innovative and pioneering company.