International Gamer Day: when optical fiber is the difference between a “game over” and a “game on”

Gaming in Portugal has evolved in a frankly positive way, especially in the last five years”, recently revealed Pedro Honório da Silva, president of the Portuguese Federation of Electronic Sports, to Jornal Económico.

For fun or business, online games are becoming more and more popular. The number of players registered with the Electronic Sports Federation grows, new events and competitions are added and the quality of human resources attracts international investment, with some even believing that the country could become the next European hub for the sector.

Between sponsorships, media rights, advertising, merchandising, event tickets and game publication fees, the profits generated will total, according to Statista, more than 365 million euros in 2023.

The existence of fast and reliable internet is essential for a good experience and, above all, a good game performance. Optical fiber is, therefore, the difference between a “game over” and a “game on”. Discover 6 advantages of the service for gamers and understand why:

1. High Speed Internet

In online games, every second counts and a small delay can mean the difference between winning and losing the match. Therefore, fast and reliable internet connections are the starting point for better performance on the part of the gamer, especially when it comes to game streaming. This modality allows the live transmission of the game and at the same time the interaction of the player himself with the spectators, explaining how they play and at the same time exchanging messages with those who watch these streams for hours.
Also, with faster speeds, high-quality graphics and audio can be streamed more efficiently, improving gameplay quality and experience.

2. Low latency/low ping

Latency, or ping (packet internet network groper), in the gamer universe, is another critical factor for online games. It refers to the delay between a player's actions and the game's response, translating into the amount of time it takes for information to travel from a device (console, computer, smartphone, etc.) to a server and return to the electronic equipment. .
This process is done in milliseconds, being practically imperceptible to the human eye, unless the latency or ping are very high.
This delay can hinder the gamer's ability to make quick decisions and react to changing game conditions, such as shooting an enemy or avoiding an obstacle. Also, if a command takes milliseconds longer than it should, the opponent may have counterattacked without the gamer realizing it.
Optical fiber internet offers lower latency than traditional connections, meaning gamers are more responsive and can therefore experience more accurate gameplay.
The low latency allows, for example, that a click during the online game is performed instantly.

3. Stable and consistent connection

Benefiting from an infrastructure that prevents oscillations and connection drops translates into less downtime in the game, which positively impacts the player's experience. When the internet connection is unstable, or even interrupted, unwanted pauses or even loss of progress in the game – packet loss – may occur, making it impossible for information to reach the server.
As a consequence, the gamer may be faced with delays in their actions, frozen images, distorted sound, among other challenges. If the packet loss is too high, it can even prevent the gamer from connecting to the game server.

4. Fast download and upload speeds

For those who play online, fast downloads are very important, since last generation games are heavy and updates are constant.
For example, it is possible to download a 30 GB game in just 15 minutes, if you have a 300 MB optical fiber.

5. High capacity/bandwidth

Optical fiber offers high bandwidth and therefore makes it possible to use multiple apps or websites at the same time.
The gamer can, therefore, play while listening to music or a podcast, watching a tutorial, making a video call with friends or streaming in real time.

6. Multiple devices connected without quality loss

With optical fiber, it is possible for several people and/or equipment (smartphones, tablets, notebooks, computers, televisions, etc.) to be enjoying the same internet service without loss of speed, quality or stability.
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