dstelecom - a fiber optic network, all operators.

At dstelecom we build and manage Europe's first neutral and open fiber optic network. As a result of our versatile and flexible nature, we currently have the main retail operators in Portugal as our customers, who can, in this way, make their entire portfolio of telecommunications services available to the populations covered by our network. Operated on a wholesale model, this digital highway was designed and implemented to interconnect and integrate with the networks and infrastructures of multiple actors in the telco and non-telco market.

As pioneers in this business model, we faced multiple technical and technological challenges so that our values of neutrality and transparency could be reflected in the services provided. Keeping the focus on service quality and on the customer, together with our technological partners and with the involvement of the operators, it was possible for us to develop and implement solutions that allow us to guarantee the levels of service required by the market and by our customer's customer, regardless of the number of operators, customers, network users or the type of service implemented.

We believe that, just as a motorway serves vehicles of the most diverse makes and models, our infrastructure provides services based on our fiber network, in an open and transparent manner, to multiple telecommunications operators. Although from a technical and technological point of view, the infrastructure and the service network are just one, the mechanisms developed and implemented by our company allow physical and logical communication channels to be made available with the necessary service segregation.

Aware of the importance that telecommunications services have for society, we maintain a neutral and transparent network philosophy. Values that are reflected not only in network optimizations and improvements, but also in all our operational processes of construction, supervision, operation and maintenance that, continuously and uninterruptedly, 24 hours a day, guarantee in an articulated and integrated way with all operators while the services we provide to the population remain operational.

We remain focused on the end customer and, therefore, we work daily on resilience measures and actions that minimize possible service impacts on the population. We continuously invest in new processes and technologies to improve the user experience for the final customer.

In addition, our ability to adapt and innovate strongly contribute to the consolidation of market confidence, allowing operators, despite being competitors, to entrust their services to a shared network and infrastructure.


Carlos Caldas
Network Operations Center Manager