Sustainability: dstelecom implements modeling joint to reduce waste from installations

dstelecom has just implemented a modular joint that promises to bring more practicality and sustainability to the telecommunications market.

The INFINITY joint, developed in partnership with Yelco, will respond to a technical need for dstelecom and, at the same time, the opportunity to adopt more sustainable practices, namely with regard to the recycling of unused components in our operation.

This product with 100% Portuguese DNA thus meets the UN Sustainable Development Goal “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure”, which aims to build resilient infrastructures, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation .

Conceived with the aim of streamlining the network expansion process, this innovative solution will guarantee dstelecom greater capacity for growth, without wasting the installed equipment. To expand the capacity of the INFINITY joint, simply add the required expansion rings and interior modules, minimizing execution time and providing the joint with a large capacity for fusions and network splitters (derivations).

The relationship between dstelecom and Yelco, which already supplied our company with telecommunications solutions and products, is, through this partnership, strengthened. In the future, the goal is to develop new products for use in our network, using sustainable and innovative methods and materials.

Remember that dstelecom builds, operates and maintains the first and largest multi-operator fiber optic network in Europe. Today, our digital highway passes through half of the municipalities in the national territory and all telecommunications operators operating in Portugal make their services available to the final consumer through our network. To date, we have registered around 725,000 covered homes in more than 130 municipalities.

Focused on the mission to eliminate geographical barriers and allow all Portuguese people to have the opportunity to interact with the digital world through the most modern communication networks, after the North and South of Portugal, we are now guaranteeing connectivity to the central area of the country.