When social responsibility is part of our DNA

Last December we launched a challenge to our workers. The mission was simple: to promote the Christmas spirit. From the office to the field, including telecommuting workers, many have joined this initiative.

From the Christmas spirit, we quickly travel to the spirit of solidarity - if it wasn't very present in our DNA. In addition to the fierce competition in terms of decoration and the promotion of internal initiatives, our workers wanted to help needy families, unprotected children and young people and abandoned animals.

There were those who gave up the traditional exchange of gifts of the 'mystery friend' to help APPACDM. Also in January, €150 will be sent to this IPSS in Monção, which aims to help parents and friends of the mentally disabled citizen.

In a symbolic Christmas tree of toys, there were more than 150 toys that will be, also in January, delivered to the Casa de Acolhimento Residencial (CAR) Bem me Quer, in Arronches, an IPSS that welcomes children and young people in danger in the their family, as they are subject to abuse, neglect or abandonment.

In turn, the Association for the Defense of Animals and the Environment of Vila Verde (ADAAVV) will receive, by the end of this month, around 200kg of cat or dog food, blankets, toys, as well as hygiene and cleaning products.

And isn't there also time to play bingo? A solidarity bingo, among workers, which resulted in the raising of €455, already sent to the Portuguese Association for Victim Support (APAV).

After all, in a small initiative, which quickly became huge, dstelecom workers collected, between monetary donations and goods, around €1,500.

And because in the Christmas season it is much more important to give than to receive, we couldn't be more proud of our workers. It has been proven, once again, that unity is strength. Teams were formed, initiatives aligned with actions implemented for the good of the other.

We remind you that at dstelecom we value fraternity, solidarity and love. We promote the economic and social development of the surrounding communities, in particular with the Municipalities where our fiber optic network operates, promoting policies and practices of social responsibility. And at Christmas, we couldn't pass up this opportunity to help.